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Unified Field Theory: Finite
A 100 years after General Relativity

On this October 2016, this paper was submitted to:




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See instantly where Relativity was wrong


See instantly the indisputable solution to the black holes, the galactic rotation curves and the expansion of the universe





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Unified Field Theory - Finite Theory of the Universe Book

General theory of Relativity overturned; here's the solution for:

  • Time travel into the future
  • Faster-than-light speed
  • Levitation

The current mathematical representation of General theory of relativity uses a four dimensional reference frame to position in space-time an object with time as a linear variable that can have both a negative and positive value. This therefore implies time becomes itself a dimension and causes the theory opening doors to ideas such as: singularity, wormhole, paradoxes and so on.


A new mathematical model is suggested based on the classical mechanics, solely on the fact gravity is a particle and that time dilation / contraction is proportional to the kinetic energy and the superposed layers of gravitational potentials. The theory is objective and predicts small scale GPS gravitational time dilation, perihelion precession disparity for all planets, and gravitational light bending. We also consider the rotation curve for all galaxies, the natural faster-than-light expansion of the universe, and even the constitution of a black hole and the velocity of the visible universe. In practical terms we can achieve faster-than-light speed, time travel into the future and levitation reasonably easily.



Experimental Disproof of
Dark Matter and Dark Energy



You will find on this website the manuscript of the theory, an experiment that was sent to the Center for Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) for review, a simulator that gets decent predictions of the perihelion precession disparity and the gravitational light bending offset, a 21 days debate against dozens of creditable astrophysicists, radio interview recordings, a presentation, experimental evidence and a group discussion on Facebook you are welcome to join.



"The author presents a new mathematical model, based on the classical mechanics, which treats the time in a different way, compared to the GR theory. He uses some data from the GPS system to make his point. The book is easy to read and if someone has interest in astrophysics, this book gives some ideas to think about."

- Dimcho Dimov, mathematician






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