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Delve into Theory - Albert Einstein was wrong!

Delve into Theory




In this paper a new mathematical model is being suggested which is based on the classical mechanics. The theory is objective and predicts low scale GPS gravitational time dilation, the perihelion precession disparity for all planets, the gravitational light bending, up to the rotation curve for all galaxies, the natural faster-than-light galactic expansion, even the constitution of a black hole and the center of the Universe:

Below is the latest version:







You will find here the concept behind the FTL drives:







And here is an experiment proposal that will challenge Special Relativity:







Introduction on how the ether is perceived by Finite Theory and also points out both postulates from Special Relativity are actually wrong:








Simulator used to find the perihelion precession disparity for all planets:

Mercury needs to cycle 10 times in order to get accurate results.
The source code can be found here:



Final debate with creditable astrophysicists



The following debate demonstrates how:

  • General Relativity is a fallacy because it uses a constant c2/G (Einstein's gravitational constant) for the solar system and is therefore not scalable for the galaxy, cluster, supercluster and visible universe
  • General Relativity can only explain 5% of the universe
  • Finite Theory can explain 100% of the universe without the use of eccentric matter or energy
  • Finite Theory can have an estimate of the mass of a galaxy based on the gravitational constant (m = hr where h is the equivalent of the gravitational constant and r is the distance from the center of the galaxy)



An experiment conducted by the US military proves Albert Einstein wrong

Read on :

Experimental Disproof of Dark Matter and Dark Energy



The subsequent articles are the experimental evidence of the aforementioned prediction:



Experimental Contradiction of General Relativity



"General Relativity [...] breaks down at high energies."



Experimental Disproof of the Gravitational Constant



The following research states that DI Hercules precession has changed over the past 30 years:



Interview on TogiNet Radio






Interview on Radio-Canada
(national Canadian radio broadcaster)